Plus it's FREE and comes with a FREE blog for your videos (and anything else!)

EZ-Vlogger™ is for Viduber exclusively and only available from Easy As Email™. Follow the steps below to be up and running in minutes!

Step 1:

Use this link to create your Viduber account. BONUS: EZ-Vlogger™ will automagically post your videos to your Facebook page when you get the YEAR plan or above!

Step 2:

Use this link to create a free Easy As Email™ account. After logging in, simply activate your free WordPress blog and then click on 'Vlog' to start using EZ-Vlogger™!

Step 3 (Resellers):

If you're a Reseller, EZ-Vlogger™ will also put your Viduber commissions on steriods! Here's how. If you're not a Reseller, log into your Easy As Email™ account to request approval!

Total time to complete: About six minutes!


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